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Mission Statement

The IDEAS Committee members dedicate their time and effort to the following tasks:

  1. To promote ideas and events to further the values of diversity, equity, inclusion, anti-racism, and social justice in our department and fair treatment for all.

  2. To expand our efforts to incorporate diversity in our community engagement and outreach efforts.

  3. To engage everyone in conversations and training and create equal opportunities for advancement.

  4. To develop recruitment, support, promotion, and retention of physicians, residents, and staff with diverse experiences and attributes.

Our Plan:

  1. Our research and data team will gather information on the current state of diversity, inclusion, and equity in our department via surveys.

  2. Our recruitment team will participate in new recruitment interviews to ensure fairness of the process and to bring in talents of diverse backgrounds.

  3. Our community outreach team will be planning events to excite youth of diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds about joining UCI for a career in medicine or neurology.

  4. Our website and communications team will ensure that our message and our progress will reach the community.

Ideas Committee Diversity